The decision of the Kurds must be respected

The result of the referendum held in the Kurdish Region was 90% in favour of independence. By using their right to self–determination to vote for independence, the Kurds have taken an initiative that will change the political balance in the middle east.
The vote in favour of independence by the Kurdish people must be respected.
Turkey, which seeks to define its own future and scope of influence in the Middle East through the status of the Kurdish people, has opposed and tried to prevent this referendum through a show of power – and still continues to behave in this way. Turkey’s fear is that the call for independence by the Iraqi Kurdish Region will trigger the same demand amongst Turkey’s Kurds.
The treatment of the Kurds in Turkey has always been determined by this fear. The Turkish State has always refrained from formally recognizing the rights of its Kurdish citizens; has suppressed their calls for free and equal co-existence, and the political establishment has reached the point of declaring that there is no such thing as the Kurdish issue and has treated the referendum as a domestic problem that simply extends over its own borders. Now the decision of the Kurds is besieged by threats of intervention, and together the countries in the region are trying to punish the Kurds for the result of the referendum.
The urgent authorization of military force by the Turkish Parliament also shows that the government hopes to benefit from the growing tensions and complications in the region.
On the other hand, the official opposition (CHP) showed no reluctance when voting “yes” and authorizing the use of military force and will ultimately be responsible for the likely war that this action will trigger. And rectifying this mistake is very difficult.
Some left-wing parties have abandoned the Kurdish people by belittling the right of the Kurds to self-determination, citing the relationship between the Barzani government with the USA as a reason for rejecting the referendum and trying to draw limits within which the right to self-determination can be exercised. There is no guarantee that those against the state oppression and in favour of independence today, will not show the same determination in the fight against imperialism tomorrow. Moreover, the Iraqi government, with which territorial integrity is defended, is itself not independent of imperialist countries.
Globally the demand by workers for all nations to live together peacefully is an important demand. The conditions for this unity and peace cannot be created under dictatorships that cannot survive without war and provocative politics. Peace and fraternity can only be achieved in a perfect democracy.
Those who approach the referendum and its results in a way that provokes fears of survival, are not just holding in contempt the demand of the Kurds for independence, but also the call for democracy and peace by people of all nationalities and backgrounds within Turkey, and their desire to live in fraternity.
Instead of denying the Kurdish people their rights, we should fight for a Turkey that is equal and democratic. This is the most important thing for workers.