We share the pain of the Greek people

According to the latest news, the number of people that died in the fires in forest fires near Athens reached 60. We would like to send our condolences to the families of the deceased and the people of Greece.

The Greek Prime Minister Tsiprasstated that the fact the fires started both in the east and the west of Athens is suspicious. As we witnessed,numerous times,forest areas being set on fire for the purposes of building and development, we understand the meaning of this suspicion clearly. The burning of forests is a means to turn public land into opportunities for profit and to feed the building sector. It is clear that this method is tempting for opportunist groups in our country of our neighbours: that they do not hold back from vicious disposition of public land; and that human life has no value in the face of this greed.

Our belief in the fact that the Greek people will quickly dress their wounds and that they will remind the Prime Minister of his duties to do more then state suspicion, and fight for the rights of the lives and losses they have suffered.

We share the grief of our neighbours.

With solidarity


Labour Party (EMEP)

Deputy Chairwoman